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Rons WebLynx is a Windows desktop bookmark manager to store and organize large numbers of websites links.

Rons WebLynx is a Windows desktop application, for organizing and managing bookmarks. Bookmarks are stored in WebLynx documents on the local computer, so are not 'shared' in the cloud and do not rely on third party storage.

Ideal for research, marketing, or just organizing a lot (1000's) of links. Nowadays, almost everyone can do with a good bookmark manager as the internet has become part of our daily lives - you typically don’t realize you need a bookmark manager until you start using one.

WebLynx combines power, elegance and ease of use, and is full of features like automatic link checking to make it a great tool for anyone who uses the Internet.

Stop drowning in browser tabs and focus your attention! Give it a try!

Clear and Easy to Manage

Links are organized using well known folder and tag concepts, and have additional Views to quickly check new, broken and duplicate links (and more).

Searches can be done in folders, or across tabs, or both, and folders and tags can be collected into Groups to create custom views.

The built-in browsing/reading panels add convenience when checking links, and all of this is clearly presented in a logical way.

Loads of Ways to get Links IN

Getting links into WebLynx could not be simpler:

  • Import your browser bookmarks.
  • Drag and drop anything - selected text from you browser or a file or directory from your computer.
  • Use the import to find links from pretty much anywhere including Outlook, Word documents, 'Outertech Linkman' or even entire websites.
  • Paste, or finally, just enter by hand.

Loads of Ways to get Links OUT

Export links with their tags and folders, or export the link Content (reading view).

Export to File or Clipboard, in the following formats HTML, XML, Linker Exchange or Content.

Power and Automation

WebLynx is about automation power.

Aside from the automatic checks that are done on all links periodically, any number of selected links can be re-checked, cleaned and organized. Folders and tags have options like 'Merge' or 'Remove Empty'.

Groups show collections of folders and tags, and Automatic filing performs movement or removal of links based on configurable rules.

RSS Reader Included

RSS feeds are automatically extracted from linked web pages, and listed in the Link Information panel. To make things even easier the 'Page with Feed' View shows all pages that contain feeds.

Feeds can be added to any folder as an Active Folder, then merged into one or more feed 'In-boxes' using Groups.

Browser Integration

Use the Web Browser integration available for Google Chrome, Edge, Brave and Firefox to send links directly into WebLynx so your browsing is not disturbed by switching to another application.

Links come into WebLynx in a place called the 'Landing Zone', which is a side panel shared between all open WebLynx windows, so that links can be filed appropriately.

Used other programs to bring "chaos" to some sort of "sanity" but none really worked. Most got stuck on just attempting to import all the bookmarks accumulated. Not so this one. Works flawlessly [...]


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