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A number of screen shots of Rons CSV Editor are shown below. Click on an image to enlarge.

The Main Screen

Simple and clean with in-cell editing.

The Edit Panel

Edit multi-line cells, and update multiple cells at the same time.

Very easy, very powerful.

The Toolbox

The Swiss Army Knife of data cleaning tools for formatting, cleaning and creating data.

Page Per Row

A form view of the data - ideal to edit contacts and address books.

Cell Viewer

View the item that the content of a cell links to.

Edit Columns

Adding, remove and rename columns, and change their type changed for sorting and filtering.

Splitting Columns

Splitting a column into two on a character in the cell.

Remove Duplicates

A powerful data de-duplication tool.

Rotate Cells

Shifting some cells around.

File Associations

Changing the separators for a CSV file.

Import Step One

Importing a delimited file into Rons CSV Editor.

Import Step Two

Separators can be chosen for customer formats.

Import Final Step

Importing to a new document this time.

Export Step One

Choosing a destination for the export.

Export Final Step

Exporting a custom CSV format to the clipboard.

Filtered View

Filtering a CSV file on the FirstName column.

Quick Find

Quick "as-you-type" row filtering makes it easier to find things.


Some statistics about the data being edited.

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