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Green Tick Icon   Loads any tabular text format
  Separators can be configured, to align with file extensions. For individual custom formats the Import Wizard can be used to open any separated or fixed width format from a file or the clipboard.
Green Tick Icon   Full control over text format
  Full text encoding supported: Utf-7, Utf-8, Utf-16 and Utf-32 (both big endian and little endian), with automatic detection. Line break format automatically detected and changeable.
Green Tick Icon   Flexible export capabilities
  Export to text (separated or fixed width), HTML, XML, and Excel directly.
Green Tick Icon   Edit the structure of a document
  Simply cut, copy and paste columns, or for more control, edit the column layout allowing all details to be changed.
Green Tick Icon   Standard editing functions
  Include cut/copy/paste (including rows and columns), search/replace, undo/redo.
Green Tick Icon   Change the type
  Columns can be given data types to allow correct sorting and filtering. For example changing a column to a type of date.
Green Tick Icon   Enhanced Editing functions
  The Edit Panel can easily be activated for cells containing tabs or line breaks, or multi-cell updates. The Page per Row window can be used to edit data layout in a form.
Green Tick Icon   Power Editing functions

The Toolbox is the ultimate cleaning and conversion tool, with live preview and search capabilities. Its capabilities:

  • Replace
    • Text
    • Date/Time
    • Numbers
  • Add
    • Text
    • Random Text
    • Space
    • Date/Time
    • Numbers
  • Remove
    • Text
    • Space
    • Numbers
  • Other
    • Reverse Text
    • Change Case
    • Split Name

For example not only can a date be converted from one format to another, all dates in a document can be easily located. Perfect for cleaning data and improving data quality.

Green Tick Icon   Split and merge
  Both rows and columns can be split and merged, providing powerful re-structuring and de-duplication capabilities.
Green Tick Icon   Remove duplicate and empty rows
  The columns used to compare rows can be selected for total control.
Green Tick Icon   Filter and Summarize
  Quickly and easily filter, sort and summarize the data with quick filter access from a context menu on the table. Quick Find - one key-press to search the whole document.
Green Tick Icon   Visual helpers
  Single-click auto-width, auto-height rows, quick zoom.
Green Tick Icon   Print support

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