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Rons Data Edit is a new modern CSV Editor, but why did we create a new one?

Rons Data Edit is a new modern CSV Editor, built upon the design and success of its predecessor, Rons CSV Editor.

Why did we create a new product rather than update Rons CSV Editor?

Over the lifetime of Rons CSV Editor we have received a huge amount of feedback from our customers, most of which we acted upon. Recently, however, it became clear with changing technology and customer expectations, that we would not be able to continue to keep up with requests, without a re-write of the editor.

The result is Rons Data Edit, re-built with a new look and feel, new data storage, new views, close integration with Rons Data Stream and many new features.

For reference some (but not all) of the new and updated features are outlined below.

Quotes from article written by Paul Filkin: [...] I have started using an application called Rons Data Edit for working with files like this and this version of the application is so good (in my opinion) it’s now my default application for these sort of files. [...] I’ve spent a good while now talking about CSV files and Rons Data Edit, and I’ve really only scratched the surface of what this tool is capable of doing.

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New Features

Green Tick Icon   Tabbed Document Layout
Green Tick Icon   Location Navigation
  Open a directory in the Location panel for easy browsing and opening of files.
Green Tick Icon   Freeze Rows and Columns
  Lock rows and columns into place for easy cross document comparisons and referencing.
Green Tick Icon   Delimiter Auto Detect
  Remove the need for delimiter configuration.
Green Tick Icon   Duplicate View
  View rows containing duplicate data before taking action.
Green Tick Icon   Construct View
  Build views from selected rows, or other views. Useful for bookmarks, or combining views and filters.
Green Tick Icon   Graph Panel
  Visualize data with line charts, bar charts and pie graphs.
Green Tick Icon   Command List
  List and search all the commands available and configure their keyboard shortcuts.
Green Tick Icon   Data Cleaners
  Combine lists of Toolbox commands into macros to save hours and hours of work.
Green Tick Icon   Import Join
  Import data by matching rows by data values (keys).
Green Tick Icon   Document Lock
  Mark a document read-only to prevent accidental changes.

Improved Features

Flag Icon   Window Layout
  New Ribbon bar, alternate menu, and paneled layout make feature accessibility much clearer and easier.
Flag Icon   Modern Display
  With modern display scaling, light and dark mode, and themes, Data Edit will look crystal clear on any screen.
Flag Icon   Navigation
  Move between documents, views, rows, columns with ease. Jump between the same row in alternative views.
Flag Icon   Flexible Views
  View restrictions removed to allow full editing, and rows to be added and removed from views.
Flag Icon   Filters
  Filters are much more powerful, with groups, and filtering by text, value, length type and column comparison.
Flag Icon   Type Hints and Auto Detect
  Column types are now 'hints' and can be auto detected, and used directly in sort, filter etc.
Flag Icon   Page per Row
  Page per Row can edit multiple rows.
Flag Icon   Progressive Load
  Save time by viewing the document before fully loaded, and find delimiter issues more easily.
Flag Icon   Performance
  Many performance improvements including: file load, Quick Filter, export to Excel.

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