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    Aaron Stewart

Rons WebLynx has been available for download on our website for a while now, but was not really well known, except by a few early adopters. Well, the cat is out of the bag now! A few web sites found our product, said some nice things about it, and suddenly we have lots of people using it.

Rons WebLynx is still in active development, and we have more plans for this products so, if anyone has some interest in it, now is the time to contribute to its future and give us some feedback.

Rons WebLynx is an application created to store and manage links. Organize your professional or/and personal bookmarks… in fact if you meant to use WebLynx to organize one you will probably find it so useful that you will start using it for the other. Our experience is that the more you use WebLynx the more links you find yourself adding and soon you won’t be able to spend a day without using it. This is our own personal experience and the initial (enthusiastic) feedback we are receiving is indicating that users feel the same way.

In the future we will probably adapt a Lite/Pro model, like our other products with the Lite version remaining free and, the Pro version will have a fee. No future change will affect the quantity of links stored and we are making sure that all links can be safely transferred if necessary.

For now, enjoy it for free, make the most of this application, and we are doing our utmost (count on a lot of hours of work!) so that you can never do without it!

Cheers, Aaron

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