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Fix "Unable to Check the License for [Rons Place Software product]..." Message

Why receiving this message?

Rons Place Software products will check their license about once a month. This system has been put in place to prevent fraud or excessive installation of our licenses as well as to allow a potential future portable version of our products.

In most cases the check comes with no disturbance: our products connect and quickly check the version with our server and our users receive either one of the two following messages: "Version Checked!' or "A new version of X is available. Would you like to download it?".

When a licensed product is not able to connect to our server however, the error message below pops up. Users cannot use the Pro version anymore, and with no license verification possible, our products revert to the LITE version.

A (temporary) poor internet connection can be the reason why the Rons Place Software product is not able to connect. Most of the time, however, firewalls are the reason for the interference.

How to solve this issue?

Poor or no Internet Connection

To solve the problem it is necessary to find a way to allow the connection to internet and/or to our server.

  1. Check the internet connection and make sure it's fine.
  2. Go to Help/Check Licenses...

You know the problem is solved when a message says "License(s) for Rons Place Software products verified".

Firewall Blocking

If a firewall is blocking access to our servers adding an exception for the 'POST' HTTP command to the following links will fix the issue:

  • ''
  • ''
  • '' (optional)
  • '' (optional)

The steps vary for every Firewall type, and for users working in companies we advise to check with the IT department.

  1. Bypass the link above in the Firewall.
  2. Go to Help/Check Licenses...

You know the problem is solved when a message says "License(s) for Rons Place Software products verified".

The License Tool

Finally, we have a created a tool made available to our users to download in situations when it is absolutely not possible to get an online connection with our server.

The License Tool allows to verify the license from a USB Drive when running a Rons Place Software application in an offline environment.

Click here for more information about the license tool.

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