Ron's HTML Cleaner - Product History

Version History

Current Version (2016.01.18.2004)

New features
  • Text encoding handling significantly improved.
  • Content extraction significantly improved.
  • None

Version 2015.09.27.1325

New features
  • 'Replace Text' and 'Replace Attribute Value' rules enhanced to include 'Match Case' and 'Whole Word' options.
  • 'Text Encoding' rule added that can both HTML encode and decode text.
  • 'Formatting Options' area added.
  • 'Remove Empty Tags' formatting option added.
  • 'Remove HTML Comments' formatting option added.
  • Strange behaviour when cancelling 'Save' of a Cleaner fixed.

Version 2015.09.18.1501

New features
  • Initial Beta release.
  • None . . .
    . . . well actually that's not very likely - there's probably quite a few. It is in Beta after all.

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