License Tool - Offline License Verification

A tool to help with License verification when running a Rons Place Software application in an offline environment.

The License Tool is a small free helper application to validate licenses for Rons Place Software applications running in an environment without access to the internet. Normally Rons Place Software applications automatically validate their license online, but in certain circumstances this is not possible.

The License Tool is designed to run from a USB drive to bridge the internet gap for disconnected machines running Rons Place Apps applications. It is used, first to gather licenses from a machine without internet access. After moving to a machine with internet access, the gathered licenses are validated online. Finally the validated licenses are applied back to the original machine.

As a customer, unless your situation matches that described above, you probably won't need this application.


  Free Helper Tool   Does the job intended.
  Runs from a USB drive   No install required.
  Very Easy to Use   Instructions built in.

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Welcome to our new Website!

Here is the latest company news:

Our company's name has changed: Ron's Place Apps is now Rons Place Software.

We took the opportunity to change it while going through the many administrative steps to move from The Netherlands to Canada.

Our product names have changed too. These changes have been made to remove a few issues the apostrophe was sometimes causing on the internet. 

  Ron's Editor is now Rons CSV Editor.

  Ron's Renamer is now Rons Renamer.

  Ron's HTML Cleaner is now Rons HTML Cleaner.

  Ron's WebLynx is now Rons WebLynx.


We've also freshened our website up a little and added a new blog section at the end of each page.

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